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10 Creative Ways to Teach Music to Young Children Using Egg Shakers

May 05, 2024


Egg shakers are an exceptional tool for music education in early childhood and early elementary settings. Their small size, ease of use, and instant auditory feedback make them perfect for young learners. In this blog post, we'll explore ten innovative methods to incorporate egg shakers into your music lessons, enhancing not only musical skills but also cognitive, motor, and social development.

1. Rhythm Matching

Start by introducing children to basic rhythms using egg shakers. Play a rhythm on a drum or clap, and ask the children to mimic it with their shakers. This activity sharpens listening skills and teaches rhythm matching, a fundamental musical skill.

2. Freeze Dance

Combine movement with music in the "Freeze Dance" game. Play a tune and let the children shake their egg shakers while dancing. When the music stops, they must freeze and stop shaking. This fun exercise improves motor control and teaches children to respond to musical cues.

3. Volume Exploration

Help children understand musical dynamics through volume exploration. Instruct them to shake softly for soft volumes (pianissimo) and loudly for loud volumes (fortissimo), adjusting their shaking intensity as the music's volume changes. This interaction teaches dynamic control in music.

4. Colorful Shakers

Utilize colored egg shakers to enhance visual learning. Call out a color, and have only children with that color shaker respond by shaking. This method not only teaches colors but also encourages attentive listening and participation.

5. Follow the Leader

Develop motor skills and the ability to follow instructions with a musical version of "Follow the Leader". Have children follow you in a line, shaking their egg shakers in various ways—above their heads, behind their backs, or even between their legs.

6. Musical Storytelling

Integrate egg shakers into storytelling. Assign different rhythms or shaking styles to story characters or actions. For instance, children can shake rapidly to depict a running character. This technique enhances narrative skills and auditory memory.

7. Pattern Recognition

Challenge children with pattern recognition exercises. Create sequences using different rhythms or tempos with the shakers, and have the children replicate them. Introducing multiple shaker types can increase the complexity and aid in auditory discrimination.

8. Counting Beats

Use egg shakers to teach basic counting and timing. Have children shake their shakers to count beats in a song or during specific rhythmic exercises. This introduces fundamental math concepts through musical engagement.

9. Animal Sounds

Link different shaking techniques to animal sounds (slow shakes for an elephant, quick shakes for a mouse). This activity fosters an auditory connection with the natural world and helps children learn about different animals through sound.

10. Musical Pairs

Turn learning into a social activity with "Musical Pairs". Children find a partner with a similarly sounding shaker, similar to a memory game. This not only teaches about different sounds and timbres but also enhances social interaction skills.


Using egg shakers in these creative and engaging ways makes music education accessible and enjoyable for young children, promoting a range of skills that are both educational and fun. Start incorporating these activities into your music classes and watch your young students thrive musically and socially!

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