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3 Ways to Learn!

Digital Program

Starts at only $25 for the whole family!

  • 160+ Pre-recorded music classes teaching kids how to read and write music through their voices for ages 2-8 so that they can improve their math, language, and cognitive development.
  • 38+ Musical Sign Language Classes for ages 10 months and older so that their communication skills are enhanced and they have fewer tantrums!
  • Digital versions of our monthly themed music adventure box to download and watch the videos!

Music Adventure Box

Perfect for 2-8 year olds, monthly Music Adventure Boxes delivered to your home! Every box includes:

  • Composer Study - Learn about each composer and study their compositions through music play so that your child will have a strong connection to the arts!
  • Monthly Folk-Song family game to connect as a family and learn music concepts together
  • Musical Book to snuggle and sing so that you can build a stronger bond with your child.

LIVE Music Classes

Most Popular!

Weekly LIVE Music Classes over zoom where our team of teachers can interact with your children and observe their progress! Accepting students ages 2-6 now!


Dive into online music classes with Music Adventure Box, tailored for kids 2-8. Enjoy our interactive music learning and monthly activity boxes. Enhance early childhood music education and start your child's musical journey today!

The perfect gift for 2-8 year olds!


Music instruction accelerates brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills, according to initial results of a five-year study by USC neuroscientists


"Perfect preparation for an instrument!"

You have a goal for your children to build their beautiful brains through music and you're not sure where to start.  Maybe you're a music parent who doesn't know how to teach early childhood music. Maybe you're not musical at all and want to give your children the gift of music, but you are unsure where to start. The Music Adventure Box program was created to help your children feel confident in their ability to learn to read and write music. 

Created by experts in the field, Music Adventure Box has successfully guided over 500 students to their own musical headstart to begin reading and writing music through their own voices!


I'm Emilie Lundberg

My goal in creating Music Adventure Box is to give parents the tools to be successful in not only fostering a love and learning of music, but to BOND through music together as a family. 

Expert music teachers and early childhood experts created these materials after years of research to walk your family through a seamless journey of learning and loving music together.

All in the comfort of your own home. 


"We started our first music lesson today. It was phenomenal. ALL of my children-aged 10-18 months-enjoyed it tremendously. Our 20 minutes turned into an hour of singing and music discovery. I can't thank you enough for the extension of your talents. You have such a gift and it is blessing our home tremendously. THANK YOU! We are so excited to continue our journey with you."

- Homeschool Mom

"Our 4-year-old boy is ALWAYS humming, singing or making sounds literally even while he eats. If he's awake, he's making sounds/music. Yesterday, after listening to two of your classes, one was a pre-k conducting activity to a classical piece, he sings to his dad, "please make my lunch, I want Mac N Cheese right now" all to that same tune/melody of the song they had just conducted to with your video!"

- Homeschool Mom

"Hands-down Music Adventure Box is the easiest way to create connection, learning, and exploration through music!

As a music and preschool teacher, I can vouch that the education is top notch. My preschool students always get so excited when I pull out the white music adventure box. It's like opening a present every day. Their eyes grow big and they are anxious to learn!"

- Preschool Teacher

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