A monthly subscription box to help children fall in love with music

Improve cognitive development and social skills in children and have fun doing it!
Perfect for ages 2-8

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Every Child Should Experience Music Education

Did you know that music lessons during childhood are proven to have numerous cognitive and emotional benefits for children? 

Higher social skills

Develops pre-writing abilities

Advanced emotional development

Avoid tantrums

Stronger bonds with their parents

Music Adventure Box helps children to build a love for music early on through fun and engaging activities that feel like regular play time! Each month your child will learn new songs and engage in activities designed to stimulate their brains and help them get ahead!

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What's in Music Adventure Box?

1. A "Composer Study" on Ervin T. Rouse. We will be learning about his fiddling piece "Orange Blossom Special" and dancing like a train!

2. 2 Train Whistles to go along with our composer study, and our book this month which is "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo"

3. Weekly Kodaly-based music classes to teach kids how to how to read and sing music!

4. Train Conductor's hat!

5. Weekly Musical Sign language classes while your children sing and sign with Miss Brie

6. "Fly Away Little Airplane" lapmat where your child will learn about musical phrasing and musical timing while they play with airplanes, pretend they are airplanes and much more!

7. Leprechaun Hat rhythm puzzle. Cut up the puzzle pieces, and tape them to your walls. Your children will go on a rhythm hunt to find the pieces and put them together! Comes with a rhythm reading video


Our customers are loving Music Adventure Box!

Alicia T.

Real music education for young children is failing. This makes it easy to do at home with songs and music most people recognize. Music education isn't meant to be fancy or expensive, it's all about immersion and this product does just that in simple ways. Love it!

Sarah C.

"I LOVE how expressive Emilie is during the class! I wasn't sure how the kids would respond to a pre-recorded class, but they are both engaged and answering questions! Huge hit with them!! Thank you for bringing even more music/learning/play into our home!"

Melodie G.

"I am amazed how much education, creativity, and fun can be packed in a single Music Adventure Box. My kids are singing songs, matching pitch, learning note values and other important skills in a way that is engaging and FUN! I highly recommend it to anyone with growing children.  It also makes a great gift! You will be amazed how much they grow with each Adventure Box.

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Get lost in the music! 

Kids LOVE our Music Listening Map that help them to feel the music. This exercise is great for developing strong listening skills in children.

Our lap-mats turn folk songs into games to enjoy with loved ones while you sing together.

Every box comes with a music book to read and learn from!

Our Composer Study of the Month print-outs help kids to learn about music history and become inspired by some of the all-time greats!

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